Hour-long documentary: Interviews and recorded scenes with members of the homeless community, and those working on solutions. For the One of Us exhibition at the Museum of Social Justice, May 2018-January 2019.

Excerpts from interviews with activists, social service providers and others combatting homelessness. One of Us: Portraits and Personal Stories May 2018- January 2019. https://www.museumofsocialjustice.org

Urban Voices, a musical program from the Skid Row community, perform at the LA County Homeless Initiative's 3rd Annual Conference. February 7, 2019.

Portraits from the One of Us documentary project, set to gospel music....

After months of constant moving, bullying by gang members and others who see him as a weak and easy target, and stuck in an entrenched drug habit, Craig returns to the familiar but now unwelcoming 405 ramps. Suffering from a severe Staph Infection, he seems a shell of his former self, physically and mentally...

September, 2017. Gracie Crilley avoided the latest encampment sweep In North Hills, San Fernando Valley, which put many of her friends behind bars yet again; here she speaks openly about her real concerns regarding the regular confiscation of personal property, including the medications she takes for her COPD, and her hopefulness that LA Family Housing might finally rescue her from life on the streets... This version includes flashback video of Gracie speaking to a Neighborhood Council meeting, and days later being handcuffed and taken to jail for staying in an illegal encampment.

Protestors on both sides of the issue gather in Woodland Hills, CA. August 1, 2017.

August, 2017. Expressing himself openly regarding his predicament, Mark does not hold back his contempt for the powers-that-be, whom he believes have very little regard for his humanity, or respect for his property. We'll leave it at that for now, and also thank Mark for sharing his musical talents...

Homeless activist Laura Rathbone reacts to having her microphone shut off by shouting out her plea for the city government to open the homeless shelters. May 2017. The first segment is from a Symar Neighborhood Council meeting where the closure of the Sylmar Armory was being debated.
Community meeting "Homeless Not Hopeless," organized by Laura Rathbone of EqualityMovement143. Northridge, CA, July 28, 2017. Attended by representatives of non-profits, political officials, local business interests and private citizens including the homeless.
Spoken word poetry on Skid Row, Los Angeles, April 2017.

Conversation with Lynda Zazanis, homeless artist.

Lynda Zazanis shares her frustration at having had her art supplies and finished artworks confiscated several times during homeless encampment cleanups conducted by Los Angeles city and county agencies.
Kathy gives a little insight into the panhandling life...
August, 2017. Craig dishes on a number of topic: the "night crawlers" who stole another of his bicycles; police harassment; the shameful homeless situation in America, and drug and alcohol abuse...
Craig White recounts his recent misfortune of having his possessions taken away by Caltrans workers charged with maintaining the on- and off-ramps of California's freeways. His story is unfortunately all-too-typical of the dysfunction that only wreaks more havoc in the lives of many homeless people.
Craig recalls the December 29th crackdown which left him and the other members of their encampment cuffed and jailed, in what appeared to be an arbitrary enforcement of laws pertaining to trespassing on public property.
Feisty, defiant, perhaps in denial, Craig vents his frustrations at attempts to help him that he sees as uninformed even if well-intended. August 2019